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This weeks Sunday Selfie, week number eight is brought to you by phone-a-friend.

Phone-a-friend Karen asked early in the week if she got to pick the two words and she gleefully told me “Bamboo Future.” Oi vey. What to do, what to do.

I started with an idea out in the backyard. I would have loved to pull it off and maybe I’ll do a re-do this summer, because, well I can.

Bamboo Future

#ss8 Peebe

I had to include a goat this week because they were feeling left out. I’m pretty good at getting our critters to do what I want. The goats (remember I read once that “they are just like dogs, except they don’t care whether or not they please the humans.”) are my biggest challenge. Partly because I’m in the shot and can’t really do any hands-on directing and partly because they are goats.

We have to make concessions for my little Sunday Selfie project. I hated, hated, hated to sacrifice a bamboo branch, but that piece of bamboo did what it had to do and Peebe performed like a champ. Not the image I had in my head and it might actually be better.

Behind the scenes

Before the story

It is a really simple set up. We just brought the bamboo we’ve had since the end of December into the studio and brought in a goat.

We had a beautifully mild December and early January. December we brought 41 bamboo plants home from Bamboo Garden in North Plain. Early January found us at Highway Fuel purchasing three tons of flagstone.

Seriously, in real math, that three tons of flagstone quickly becomes nine. Figure we get help loading three tons into the van. We pick up three and load into the van, unload three onto the cart. Haul all three back to the bamboo garden and then pick ’em up again and put them down. And if you really want to split hairs, we pick them up and put them in place.

By mid-January we had the paths carved and the spiral garden in place. That’s when winter came to Salem.

Bamboo Future is how I see our spring. Planting bamboo with assistance.

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