My future is fluffy

It’s a new month and Sunday Selfie number five. I still hate being in front of the camera, that hasn’t changed. My shutter buddy Karen is working overtime to make sure that all of my ducks are in a row when she snaps the shutter. I could not do this without her.

My rules for the Sunday Selfie project are pretty simple. 1. They have to include an animal with me and 2. They somehow have to tell a story from our day-to-day life.

When Saturday rolled around, I was at a loss for what I was going to do. So, I phoned a friend for help. Or, using current technology I texted my daughter Holly and told her to give me the first word and color that popped into her head.

Pink and sassy

Gracie, the fortune teller

I’m fascinated by fortune tellers, palm readers, numerology, astrology and on and on. I don’t put much stock in them because I do believe that every step forward and backward was supposed to happen.

I don’t see my future as either clear or cloudy, but filled with days in the garden and pets. Lots and lots of pets.

Sometimes, we do things on a whim… take the goats for example. We met our first Nigerian Dwarf goats on a Sunday. I came home, opened up Craigslist and I found kids that were almost ready to go. We met and paid for them the following Sunday. Then we came home to start our learning curve about goats and what we had to have to keep them. Best decision ever. I call them our happy pills.

The chickens were a process that took more than a year. We researched, we studied, we talked. And then we worried like mother hens when we brought the day-old chicks home. Check off another one in the column “best decision ever.” I’ll do without before I buy eggs in a store ever again. Now the chickens could be happy pills too, but instead I like to call them our pets with benefits.

Now the baby borzoi were a combo process. When our breeder in Florida approached us, we said of course we want a puppy without thinking through everything. Then, we spent the next five months planning to drive from Salem, OR to Plant City, FL. Every I was dotted and every T crossed. 7,000 miles without a hitch and two delightful borzoi puppies.

I sincerely hope I never have to drive I-10 across Texas again. Even with the fastest speed limits, it was the longest stretch of highway I have ever driven.

To date every whim and thought out process has been perfect. Almost like it had a grand plan from the beginning.

Behind the scenes

Pink and sassy. It felt like a challenge. 99% of the time I wear black. Ever so glad to have my favorite shade of pink, salmon pink, in the drawer. Sassy had to be Gracie. Gracie is our little silkie that was named after one of our favorite greyhounds.

Gracie is the smallest bird in the coop and she’s the one that rules the roost. She’s the sassiest little bird and all of the other girls just step aside and let her have her way.

It took us an annoyingly long time to figure out the lighting. Once we got it dialed in though, we brought Gracie in from the coop and we were done in minutes.

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