Snow day!

I grew up in Montana and Wyoming, Karen is from Boston and Maine. We both know snow. Lots of snow.

We don’t get much snow here in the Willamette Valley and when we do get it, it’s magical.

Frank, patron saint of all who wander here

St. Francis remained blanketed for most of the day, but he did a good job of watching out for all of the critters, keeping them safe from the cold and snow.


I could hardly contain myself when I realized we had snow. Last night when I checked the forecast, it was just supposed to be cloudy and cold. We had enough snow to blanket the entire acre and it truly was lovely.

The resident flicker

The flickers are probably my favorite winter bird. They are a little shy and they hate the starlings, but they still patiently wait amongst the branches for their turn at the suet feeders.

Winter hummingbirds

This little lady joins us for coffee in the barn almost every day. The bamboo she sits on is just outside the barn window.

Peebe and Jai ready to come out of their hut

The goats have never seen snow before. They were pretty darn cute. Peebe took a flying leap off of their patio and then scrambled back into the hut.


He really wasn’t sure what was going on.


Of course, he is such a munch mouth, he can be paid to do anything.


When we let them out on the acre, they both made a beeline for the cedar trees. The trees are a favorite for winter foraging. It was pretty funny when Peebe caused a mini avalanche pulling down the branches.


Jai had his own mini avalanche when he started munching on the bamboo. Ahem! Not the bamboo buddy.


It was awesome when they started to romp out in the open. That alone could have been entertaining for hours.

Jai and Peebe

They play like this all the time.

Jai and Peebe

Peebe is the bigger of the two. Jai is about three weeks older. Same dad, different moms.

The brahma mamas, Ellie and Millie

The chickens took even longer to warm up to the idea of snow. The brahmas mamas were the first to brave it.


Talley came next. She found a great place to peck and yelled at Ellie when she came to close.


The greyhounds have been around long enough to know what kinda fun snow is. Fergie raced around the acre many times.


Cinderella will be 13 next month. Fun fact about Cinderella. Karen flew down to Florida so she could fly back with Cinderella when she retired. Cinderella almost didn’t get to fly back to Oregon because we had a huge weather system come through. It was just barely 20° when the plane landed. The roads were crazy icy and it stayed cold for a couple of weeks.


Borzoi originated in Russia, so they are nicely dressed for this weather and Sage and Glory were thrilled to play in the snow.


They ran for hours.

Sage and Glory

And played for hours.


Timber and Zip enjoyed it for a few minutes.


But mostly, they laid in the barn on a cushion where it was still a little warm from the propane heater.

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