The future has arrived

It feels like a million years ago when I started volunteering in greyhound adoption. I loved every minute of it and there is one thing I’ll never forget. The president of the group said, “there’s a home for every dog, sometimes it takes just a little longer.”

Chester, nine days in his forever home

When I found out I was going to photograph Chester, I started to do a little research. This boy has been in search of his forever home for 159 days. I’m sure he hated every minute of shelter life, but I also think it is just as important to find the right family to avoid bouncing from home-to-home.

Tall and proud

Some dogs wouldn’t mind the adventure of 1000 families and Chester’s sweet, old soul would have graciously accepted everything that was offered to him.

I think there’s a squirrel in them that bushes

Chester had a plethora of birds and squirrels to watch and dream… (you know of the day), made every day the best day ever.

Chester. This is the face of a dog that’s having the best day ever

Chester is a happy dog. His kisses are just the right amount of sloppy, wet and sweet. I believe his loyalty will be fierce to his new family. He will give them all of his big golden heart and protect them from the wild squirrels or rabbits or birds that roam freely through his new turf.

Catching the rays

Chester’s silly and most important, he’s relaxed character emerged after our little walk. This guy was born to be a model and he does model oh so well. But any dog that has spent a little time with me will tell you it’s exhausting and you need an invigorating back scratch and belly rub to rev up those engines again.


And so dear Chester, my new friend. My wish for you is that all of your days from here forth are the best days ever.

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