Bros. from another mother still looking for a home together

Bruno and Remi

In the early ’80s, I adopted my first dog as an adult. I remember wanting a dog so badly, every weekend we would visit the local shelters in Denver looking for just the right dog. Finally, at a small county shelter, we met our girl. She was an owner surrender and she so desperately wanted to find her family. They named her Precious, but we called her Casper. She was a whirlwind those first few months, but she was a good dog. We’ve adopted many a dog since then.

Bruno and Remi came over for their adoption photos in late December. A perfect pair, best buds, two peas in a pod. They are really hoping to adopt the two together, and they are still available. Together, they are stunning to photograph. Their gentle personalities filter right through the lens of the camera.

More importantly, although they love each other, I have no doubt that they will both bond with their human companions just as much.


Bruno is a 5 y/o blue Weimaraner who weighs about 80 lbs. A tiny bit shy, but this guy will be someone’s heart dog. His love will be strong and straight to the heart.


Remi is a 5 y/o presumed to be mix of Doberman, Rottweiler and Hound who weighs about 70 lbs. [Insert here 70 lbs of snuggle and love.]

Both boys are quite playful and do well with their foster brother. They are eager to please and have excellent house manners. They love children and weren’t really phased by a kitty. Car rides are a bonus round, they love to travel. They really are a perfect pair.

Unlike Casper, who spent weeks in search of her family, these two are ready to settle in and have a family to call their own together.

They are available for adoption through Oregon Weimaraner Rescue. Here’s their page. Bruno and Remi.

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