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One of my greatest pleasures with the pet photography is volunteering my time for pets in need of an adoption photo. I have been honored to do many kitty photos in the Salem area for Meow Village.

I love cats, sadly, not all of our dogs do and we have been kittyless for a couple of years now. Some day the moons will align and we will have kitties and doggies living in harmony under our roof. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the few stolen moments here and there taking their photos.


I’ve always had a thing for calico cats. For as long as I can remember, my mother always told me that three colored cats bring good luck. Soooo, I’m guessing the family that adopts Juno is in for all kinds of good luck.

Nuttin’ better than snuggles

Juno is probably one of the snuggliest kitties I have ever photographed. As soon as Kluane put her down, Juno would scramble back to her lap. Her preferred place to snuggle was underneath Kluane’s jacket. I can work with a lot, but shooting through material isn’t one of them. None-the-less, we worked every angle we could to show off this gorgeous approximately one year old kitten.

Sweet, snuggly and beautiful. Could the combination be more perfect?

This kitty is extremely sweet. She’s a bit on the shy side, but in my mind that makes her even a better candidate for adoption. Once she bonds with her human, it will be a forever bond. She will be loyal for life to her family.

Love, love, love the reverse skunk stripe under her chin.

I always marvel at the unique markings on animals and calico kitties seem to corner the market. Since little Miss Juno really didn’t want to play model this morning, I was beyond thrilled when she lifted her head and gave me a vantage point to photograph her reverse skunk stripe.

The beyond perfect cuddle cat.

If you are in the market for someone to cuddle with, catch an afternoon of Netflix binging and a beautiful arm charm, may I suggest Juno. She’ll soon be listed with Meow Village for adoption.

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