The bridge of hounds

Tandoori, Arya, Vichy, and Sushi

Release the hounds

In a flash, all four dogs darted off in different directions. Sushi was the one little dog we knew we could catch. The safely fenced acre was their playground for the moment. They loved racing back and forth and the smells of a 1000 smells enchanted them.


Sporting a burgundy snowflake sweater is Tandoori. She’s the new kid on the block, adopted just months ago. She was shy and when she watched me, I felt like she was sizing me up, getting to know me and see if I was worthy of her trust. Tandoori has that soulful look, the one that allows you too look straight into their hearts as they gaze into ours.


The beautiful black lady is Arya. She’s a true lover, I think Affection is her middle name. This girl knows how to walk the catwalk. She preferred to strut down the aisle in a soft pink, tan, and white striped collar, a martingale, designed specifically for sighthounds.


Vichy, that sweet little Italian greyhound. She is sporting her reindeer ears along with Nordic warmth of a green and blue diamond and star sweater. The dark blue against her fawn and white coat was smashing.

I think everyone knows that I am the proud grandparent to a total of four Italian greyhounds. Sadie and Caleb are no longer with us and Jericho and Cooper live in Chicago. I don’t get to see them very much but I adore them just the same.


I’ve always loved little dachshunds. They come with the most magnificent personalities. Sushi was a sweetheart, but it’s her name—Sushi— that name will forever be burned into my memory.

Of course, my favorite will always be when dogs all insist that they want the whole family in a family portrait.

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