A selfie with your pet

little girl and her dog
Terri and Muffin, ca. 1973

There aren’t many pictures of me and I remember when my mom took this one. It must have been before an orchestra concert. This was probably the only picture I had with a pet, and for that I am so thankful to have it. I had four pets growing up. Duffy was a siamese, Dutch was a schnauzer, Mittens was an orange tiger stripe kitty, and Muffin the poodle. I have this one and one other one of Muffin. I don’t have any photos of my other pets.

Christine and Bea

I’ve been doing portraits of Christine and her greyhounds for several years. I look forward to this portrait session every year. I really believe that lucky are the people that can look back year-after-year at their pictures with their pets.

I only wish I had started taking pictures with our pets a long time ago and not focus on how bad I looked. That is the only thing I regret, the one thing I wish I had done.

Anne and Phoenix

I love watching the connections between the two. The bond between the human and the pet is incredible and you can see it in everything.

Erin and Lola

Make 2020 the year you look forward to with a Selfie with your pet and for every year forward.

Timber and I

And if you want to know if I followed my own advice? I can honestly say yes. A few years ago I went up to Portland Pin-ups for an incredibly fun afternoon and photo session for myself. The big red dawg made a cameo appearance. I wished I could have been thinner, my hair longer and I knew how to play in front of the camera better, but I am so glad I had this experience and I’m even happier I have the photos.

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