All for the love of Hope

Pitbull puppy laying on an antique sofa.
Hope, available for adoption through Second Chance Adoption

I think my most favorite part of pet photography is doing the adoption photos. There have been countless articles written about how important a good photograph is to getting an animal adopted. I have always been more than willing to help but the reality is love doing the photography. I have patience and stick-to-itness to work with any animal, no matter how shy or fearful. And truth be told, the shy ones are my favorite.

Pitbull puppy sitting on an antique sofa

Hope is the puppy of your dreams. She sits, she shakes, she’s totally food motivated and when I asked if she could do a down it took a few tries and she had it.

I’m not even going to go into how stinking cute she is. She’s outgoing and friendly, I don’t think there is even a stranger in her world. And as a future fashion model, this girl is going to steal the show every single time. My only regret is that it was raining and we couldn’t get her out into the gardens. I suspect she would have loved exploring and running around though.

Hope is available for adoption through Second Chance Salem. They are accepting applications for her now.

Painted portrait of Hope

She was such an amazing pup, I decided to spend a little time painting her last night in Photoshop, something I love to dabble with.

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