Clara the pocket wiemie

Portrait of a gray ghost Weimaraner
Clara, available for adoption through Oregon Weimaraner Rescue

It’s her eyes. Clara has the sweetest, softest blue green eyes I have ever seen. She didn’t know me from anyone. She was ever so shy and watched every move I made while still keeping a close eye on her foster family. Looking into her eyes, I see how longing she is for a family to call her own. Someone kind and gentle. Someone to love her as much as she promises to love them.

Meet Clara, she is approximately one year old and available for adoption through Oregon Weimaraner Rescue.

Portrait of a female Weimaraner
Tiny Clara, a pocket Weimaraner

Clara was picked up as a stray and found herself quite unhappy at the shelter. Her foster parents quickly retrieved her and it has been smooth sailing for Clara ever since.

She’s currently bunking up with another pair of weimies and is learning all about house life. Her new friends are teaching her to go outdoors to take care of business and most importantly, they are teaching her all about the joy of toys and the importance of couch snuggling.

She’s a tiny girl weighing in at 40 lbs.

Weimaraner in front of a barn quilt.
On the path to finding a forever home.

While my first inclination was to scoop this sweet girl up and give her a million smooches, she was shy and I was sure to respect her wishes. It won’t take her long to warm up to her new family though. She had already warmed up and was learning to trust her new foster family. She listened well and watched their every move. Fortunately for her, they never got very far away.

Portrait of a Weimaraner in front of a barn
Are you ready to share your coffee?

Clara was more than happy to do what I asked of her. I put her through a few gentle paces to get perfect adoption photos and she performed as if she belonged in front of the camera.

Clara is going to make someone an awesome family member. If you are thinking about adopting a Weimaraner, may I suggest Clara through Oregon Weimaraner Rescue

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