Dexter, a little guy on a mission

painted portrait of a dachshund
Painted portrait of Dexter

Dexter came for a portrait session the end of November. He’d recently been diagnosed with a malignant tumor over his right eye. He had no problem sniffing around the acre though. He had such joy checking out every little nook and cranny. So much so that I had a hard time getting him to stand still long enough to get a portrait. Photographing dachshunds means I have to get really low with the camera.

This is his painted portrait that I did in Photoshop.

Dexter was also blind, so I tried to work with eyes to remove the glow the best I could.

Portrait of a dachshund
Dexter after editing his original photo

This was his photo after editing in Photoshop. When editing like this, my rule of thumb is to only do what looks natural.

He is such a sweet little guy. So happy and true testament of how nothing was gonna hold him back.

Dexter and LG

When we set up Dexter’s session, they mentioned his little brother LG and I said of course, bring him along. LG is Dexter’s matching chihuahua. They were adorable together even though they were completely oblivious of the other.

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