Lost in desire

Borzoi eating an apple
Sage enjoying an apple

Observing pets is one of the best assets I bring to my client’s session. Once I start to photograph a pet, I’m so focused that very little conversation will come from me. All of my attention is focused to my model. In every corner of my brain, resides a list of all of the images that I want to get during the session. I’m watching every move, hoping beyond hope to anticipate the next perfect image.

Capture the magic on a summer eve

This summer I want to capture more evening sessions. We don’t water the through the grass throughout the gardens, that would be a waste of resources, but none-the-less, the gardens themselves are lovely and the evening light captures every moment of an animal’s soul so exquisitely.

Many times during the summer, I’ll grab my camera and just go out to observe. Sage is munching on one of the fallen apples so this is must have been taken in late summer, early fall. Sage has the most expressive face of all our dogs.

We’ve already begun our work preparing the garden beds, I am suffering from a big case of spring fever. And, even more important, I have a new surprise for pets and their families. I’m pretty excited for it to make its debut in the gardens. A few coats of paint is all we need now.

Have you booked your session yet?

Make 2020 the year you have family photos taken with your pet. No one has ever regretted having professional portraits done. Many have regretted never having done it. Call me and we can talk through the process. Would you like to the beach? Evening photos at the beach can be spectacular.

Call me to capture the spirit and soul of your pet through the lens.

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