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A rare snow day

borzoi in the snow
Glory in the snow. Jan. 26, 2021

Magical, magical snow

greyhound running in the snow
Fergie came out just as the snow stopped falling

I am that crazy person that loves the snow. I don’t necessarily want to move back to snow, but I find it magical on the rare day we get snow in Salem.

Fergie managed on three legs just fine.

A few scenes from the gardens

bamboo in the snow
Bamboo laying down from the the wait of the snow

The bamboo on the other hand didn’t find the snow as magical and laid down from weight of it. I suspect the snow will be melted by morning so I’m really hoping it stands back up.

red barn in snow
The coffee barn

If only this could be my scene when Santa Paws comes for a visit.

borzoi in the snow
Sage was sniffing snow. I can tell by the snowflake on his nose

Sage and the barn quilt. I’m so happy I had a few minutes to go out and play in the snow. Photos of snow dogs is such a rare treat.

borzoi in the snow
Glory tip toeing in the snow

I’m not sure any of the dogs wanted to play in the snow. They humored me for a few images and that was it.

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