Blue weimaraner

Asher the blue Weimaraner.  

Your day starts with a 10 month old weimaraner puppy

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for stopping by Nature’s Pet Market Salem for a pet portrait today.

I had the pleasure of photographing some really nice dogs and cats. Asher started my day off perfectly. Everyone knows my love for weimies, especially since I’m a two-time weimie grammy.

In true weimaraner fashion, this beautiful pup had enough enthusiasm for all the pets that followed. It was quite easy to fall in love with him.

I’m fairly certain weimies were born with springs in their long beautiful legs and Asher knew how to use his. He also knew how to gaze back at me with his eyes and completely turn me into a puddle of goo.

Karen and I had a wonderful time today meeting the dogs and cats with their owners that love them so.

Again I want to thank everyone that stopped by for a pet portrait.

Don’t forget we’ll be back at Nature’s Pet Market Salem on October 1 from noon to 4 pm with our favorite Santa Paws.

Shiba with a few balloons


Somehow we went from too wet to work in the garden, to spending every available minute in the the garden, to “Oh good grief, how could it possibly be fall already.”

Nature’s Pet Market in Salem is already celebrating their 7th anniversary and we’ll be right there to celebrate with them. We’ll also be there with Santa Paws on October 1.

This event is special though. We are donating 50% of the proceeds to a very special kitty named Skooter. Skooter is a tripod kitty adopted from the Willamette Humane Society. As a tiny kitten one of his rear legs was amputated and the hind leg he has isn’t working as well as it should. Kari, the manager at Nature’s Pet Salem is doing everything she possibly can to give this little guy a quality life.

Quality vet care doesn’t come with an inexpensive price tag. Skooter is doing water therapy and that will no doubt strengthen his front legs. To really be mobile, the little guy is going to need a set of wheels. And, there is a good chance he might need more surgery.

We really want to help Skooter out. We are going to donate 50% of our proceeds to Skooter.

We’ll be at Nature’s Pet Market Salem on Saturday, September 16 from 11 am to 3 pm taking pet portraits and celebrating their anniversary, but we are really hoping to give Skooter a leg up (so to speak).

Join us on Saturday, have some fun celebrating, create a memory and help out Skooter.

Here is a little more of his story

Santa Paws

Santa Paws is making a special trip to Oregon in September

Now is your chance to book a photo with with Santa Paws for your pet. He’s making one more trip up north from the sunny Southwest. Let’s make it memorable for both Santa Paws and your pet.

Order your special holiday cards early. Miss the hustle and bustle of December. This is your last chance for a pet portrait with Santa Paws.

We have three dates in September set aside for Santa Paws.

  • Saturday, September 23 • 10 am to 2 pm—a beautiful farm setting in NE Salem. 50% of the proceeds go to Willamette Humane Society.
  • Saturday, September 30 • 10 am to 2 pm—we’re turning our red barn into Santa Paw’s workshop. Pick your favorite non-profit animal group for 50% of the proceeds. A check will be sent in your pet’s name.
  • Sunday, October 1 • noon to 4 pm—we’ll be at Nature’s Pet Market Salem. 50% of the proceeds go to Willamette Humane Society.

Call Holly at 503-999-1926 or email her at to book an appointment and get directions to the farm or red barn workshop.

Ozzie and Darby, one of their first visits with Santa Paws   

I have loved working with Santa Paws since the very first time he sat before my lens. He is the best of the best. When he said he would make one more trip to Oregon, I was beyond thrilled.

Every year we would have return visitors and Ozzie and Darby were two of them. Not sure that they really wanted to sit in Santa Paws lap, the gentle and jolly old elf knew just what to do.

Dressed for the season   

And when they sat on Santa Paws lap last year, they knew just what to ask for, a photo session of their very own.

Standing on the bridge over the Little Chicken River

They started in the chicken garden on the little rustic bridge that clearly needs a coat of paint or two. The chickens stared at them from the run. Ozzie and Darby had no idea what those noisy feathered creatures were.

Standing in the weed patch

We like to refer t them as wild flowers. The reality is, they posed right in the middle of a weed patch. Sometimes we just have to pick and choose our battles.

A park bench just their size

Sometimes, you just have to fit. I found this adorable little park bench somewhere on one of my treasure hunts. It’s been weathered and worn, but it was perfect for two little adorable dachshunds.

Santa Paws will be in Oregon in September!   

As most of you already know, our beloved, best ever Santa Paws left Oregon last winter for the warm and sunny deserts of Arizona. It was a very sad day for me when he said he was blowing this rainy popsicle stand for some fun in the sun.

I have some great news however. Santa will be hauling his sleigh to the Pacific Northwest just one more time. And since it’s early in the season, many good things will come with it.

What about a session at the beach? A farm? Holiday cards? They’ll be back by the end of October. We’ll have locations, dates and times nailed by September 1. If you were looking for a portrait with Santa Paws, this will be your last chance.