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let's go ⟶

The grand dogs

The grandweimies came for a visit this weekend. Grammy’s place is best because she’ll throw the ball forever. Word on the street has it that her arm is officially 1.5 inches longer now.

I have finally reached Sunday Selfie number sixteen.

I’m pleased that neither Karen or I have allowed me to talk myself out of it. I have to use my imagination more and more each week, and I love the challenge and the fact that the final image is a couple of evolutions away from what was in my head.

Picture time, again. Look at Grammy

Goldee and Maverick

These are my grand dogs. Goldee and Maverick are long-haired weimaraners and they are beautiful. Maverick had been chasing a tennis ball for a couple of hours at this point and Goldee had hunted the perimeter several hundred times stopping on occasion to bark at the Iceys that are still in quarantine.

Some day, I am going to get the perfect portrait of the two them. I just know it’s in my future. Together they are such a gorgeous pair, but just like most brothers and sisters… Let’s just say they aren’t interested in pleasing Grammy. I guess they must have just a tiché of goat in them.

Behind the scenes

When I found out they were coming for a visit, I knew I wanted to use them for selfie. This one only took two assistants (is it still really a selfie if you aren’t clicking the shutter yourself?). Karen was my shutter buddy and Holly wrangled the dogs. Goldee sat in the same position the entire time and looked around just in case she needed to dash off on an emergency hunting expedition. Maverick moved this way and then that way just to change up the camera angles. He’s always concerned I’ll miss his good side.

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    Introducing Greta

    I was so excited for the Icelandic hens we were bringing home. The first and second time we added chickens to our flock, we got day old or so chicks. They were a blast and I don’t regret that time for a minute.

    It comes with a test though. What if you get that 10% rooster? They have to be under a heat lamp for 6–8 weeks. They are kinda fragile, I worried a lot.

    This time, we brought home a little older chick. It was kinda cool to see what their coloring was going to be. They have to sign a modeling contract before they can even come play in our sandbox. And we thought we had a better chance of getting hens and not roosters.

    So this Sunday Selfie number fifteen. Every Sunday I check off is a good Sunday for me.

    Will the real Greta please stand up

    Introducing Greta

    Well, we still brought home a rooster, we named him Gustav as soon as he started showing those gorgeous his saddle feathers of his. We were so lucky and grateful that Marshall Farms, my new favorite playground, for graciously letting us exchange Gustav for Greta.

    She’s a pretty little thing and kinda sassy. Maybe Greta Garbo was sassy too.

    Behind the scenes

    This still is not the photo I had in my head. Not even close. But as I was getting ready to do the selfie, I started looking at old Greta Garbo movie posters and one jumped off the page and said pick me! Here’s a link if you want to see it.

    So, I did learn something that will help me with my client work. I hope to put it to the test with my next session. I’m still feeling mildly silly doing this project and I’m also having fun. Most of the time, I’m really happy I decided to do this.

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      Fundraiser for Project Pooch

      We’re opening the gardens in June to do mini sessions as a fundraiser for Project Pooch!


      We are so excited to be partnering with Beth at Tender Touch Grooming to do a fundraiser for Project Pooch. Our plan is to have little mini-sessions on June 22 and 23 in gardens.

      It’s hard to say what will be blooming then, but I can guarantee you I am chomping at the bit for some color. We’ll be able to move about the acre for a variety of images for you to choose from.

      Manny, Reggie and Walter

      The session fee is $50 and will include one high res digital file. We will also have a variety of packages to choose from starting at $35. Bring one pet or two or three. I love the challenge of getting the “family” to pose together.


      We live on an acre that has a six foot all the way around and is safe for all. Nearly all of the plants I have are pet safe and the few that aren’t are behind a fence so any accidental nibbling that happens will be safe.


      This is a perfect opportunity to have portraits done of your pets in a safe, friendly and beautiful setting and the best part, 50% of the proceeds will go to a great organization, Project Pooch. Or, maybe it’s time to update your wall with a canvas gallery wrap.

      Zip and me in the new bamboo forest

      Call or email us now to reserve your time for a mini session in the garden and donate 50% to Project Pooch at the same time. 503-999-3047 or terri.jacobson@mac.com

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        April showers bring May Flowers

        Sunday selfie number 14. Itsa getting harder. One week at a time.

        We were so thrilled to have a good rain shower on Monday after all of our gardening. But then it continued every day and according to the rain gauge, we’ve had over two inches.

        Raining cats and dogs

        Zip and I having an important talk in the garden

        I love photos in the studio, they have a real quality about them that just isn’t the same anywhere else. What I really love though, is being outside. The smells of spring are awesome. The sounds of the wild birds is the best. And the most important part, the possibilities are endless.

        This weeks selfie felt like the perfect answer because of all the rain we have been getting. I donned my muck boots and rain coat and off Zip and I went to the back 40.

        Behind the scenes

        Normally with pets I shoot low and hide the rooftops. They make me crazy. So I spent some quality time trying to make them go away.

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          The new kids on the block

          Sunday selfie number 13. We just spent a glorious week on staycation. It was a week of maternity leave with a side of gardening. Truth be told, we worked our little fannies off getting things ready for the garden this summer.

          The final tally… 41 bamboo plants, 180 miscanthus grass rhizomes, 24 mint plants in oak barrels around the big garden, four forsythia bushes and various other plants here and there.

          Phone-a-friend I had an image all planned out in my head, that is until my face came in close contact with a garden tool. So I scurried to come up with plan B.

          Introducing Greta and Ingrid

          Greta to the left, Ingrid to the right

          Every once in awhile I just look see to what it on Craigslist in Farm and Garden. I just happened to run across “Icelandic Chickens” for sale. The breed was new to me, so off I went down all of the rabbit holes on the Internet I found.

          So our girls are from this farm (I’m pretty sure this is what I remember) Whippoorwill Farm.

          The story of the Icelandic chicken

          They were taken to Iceland somewhere around the 9th and 10th century by the Nordic vikings. They were hardy chickens and thrived in Iceland. That is until the commercial breeding industry started taking over and cross bred chickens were threatening the heritage. A few farmers took it to heart and began carefully breeding back the Icelandic chicken in the ’70s. Now there are breeders here in the US and a wonderful farm right in our back yard practically.

          Enter Marshall Farms. This place is a paradise for chickens. In fact, I think it is probably every chickens dream. Ingrid and Greta were pecking away at the soil when we whisked them away to our place.

          Behind the scenes

          Let’s just say this was not the original photo I had in my head and I’m not gonna show the original I had to work with.

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