Day 10, Still hanging in there.  

If somebody had suggested that I would spend 15 days taking portraits of myself, I would have been rolling on the floor laughing. There aren’t many photos of me, I have never appreciated the lack of kindness the camera has for me.

However, I have to admit this little challenge has been fun. It’s taken me out of my creative box on a daily basis. When push comes to shove and it’s time to do the work, I’ve been able to take a stroll around the yard and make it happen.

Theme—Being Alive; Challenge—Use a rope or string

Whatcha doing?   

Our pair of 10 week old chicks, Millie and Ellie are discovering their new world. They stick together like glue., peanut butter and jelly, two peas in a pod. They have quite warmed up to their sisters yet, it’s a good thing we still have a few weeks of warm weather at night.

Theme—Curiosity; Challenge—Explore a new location

The biggest thing I am curious about is what on earth was I thinking when I put on a down coat and beanie in 90° weather.

Room for one more.  

Every year we do it. We plant the garden and the plants are so small we think we have so much room. By mid-August, there’s barely any standing room. Finding our garden delights get harder and harder. We wander into the nurseries and find just the perfect plant, and if we have a bare patch of garden, I guess we have room.

Theme—Potential; Challenge—Use an open space.

Passing by time.  

Time is an oxymoron. There’s never enough, it goes too slow, it goes to fast, there is too much time on my hands, I want more time. It seems I am never satisfied with time.

Theme—Time; Challenge—Use a painting for inspiration.

I have always loved the paintings of dark streets with the light of the moon. Maybe at that very moment, time just stands still.

Tea Time in the Garden with Talley

Theme—Beauty; Challenge—Show your idea of beauty

My mother loved her fancy dishes. Somehow, they all ended up with me and are stored away in boxes in the basement. We have a little hutch in the kitchen and lucky for me, we had two fancy cups and saucers just waiting for Tea Time in the Garden with Talley.

I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but I really like this girl. When we sit down anywhere in the chicken garden, she’s the first to jump up in our laps to see if just maybe we have a nibble or two for her to enjoy. As a little chick, she was always the one to nestle down in our laps and seemed to enjoy being pet. She is our lap chick.

She’s an Easter Egger. She has the most gorgeous muff and beard that frame her face and she’s sending the most beautiful blue eggs our way. Truth be told, if we add more chicks to our flock, we’ll get Easter Eggers. Talley’s personality is amazing.

She was a little nervous because we removed her from the comfort of the chicken garden. When we were done, she gently hopped off of the table and followed Karen and the shaking sound of cracked corn back to the chicken garden.