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Ruby Day 320, 2012 Karen and I went out to the Marion County Dog Shelter to take photos of the dogs available for adoption. Ruby was one ofView full post »

Ready for love

Pat Day 319, 2012 How could you not fall in love with this little beauty? Check out those eyes, they are just begging for a couch to callView full post »

Got more toys?

Autzen Day 317, 2012 Clearly Santa did not leave enough bones and toys for poor, poor little Autzen. She continued to wait under the treeView full post »


Jori Day 316, 2012 I think the year was 1964. I was very young and didn’t quite understand that my grandfather had just died. I justView full post »

It’s all about the ears

Benny Day 315, 2012 I remember the first fawn greyhound I ever met. Her name was Ona and she was available for adoption. Her big soft brownView full post »

Winter on the Willamette

Willamette Queen Day 314, 2012View full post »

The guardian

Pieter and Palemon Day 313, 2012 This was from the Rhodesian ridgeback fundraiser in November. The ridgie lives with a house full  ofView full post »

December nights

Timber Day 312, 2012 As I exited from work this afternoon for a two week stay-cation, I mumbled something about having a chat with theView full post »

8 long years

Joey Day 311, 2012 It took me eight long years to get this portrait. It isn’t that I haven’t tried, like a million times over.View full post »

The official countdown begins

Barney Day 310, 2012 I must admit that I don’t get quite as excited about Christmas as I did when my daughters were little. I was theView full post »

The grelf

Jori Day 309, 2012 It’s been weeks since I have had time to play with my own dogs on the other side of the lens. Clearly, theyView full post »


Jade Day 308, 2012 I to a quick look at the Marion County Dog Shelter‘s page earlier to discover that most of the dogs weView full post »