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Just a little cattitude

Miss Meredith Please give a hearty welcome to Miss Meredith. If she looks like she has a little cattitude, it’s all right because sheView full post »

Seeking sunsets

Timber OK, I’m ready for the winter season to move on. The good news however, whenever you can get a winter sunset in Oregon they areView full post »

Good night orange kitty cat

Willie Try as I may, I never get enough photos of our own pets. I guess it is somewhat akin to living with a plumber and having a leak. InView full post »

My favorite photos of 2012

Minnie In August I did a soft launch of my fledgling pet photography business. If you asked me what my dream was, what I wanted to do moreView full post »

Fuzzy memories

I admit it, I’m whining. My 17 days off was fabulous. However, on the eve of returning to work, it feels like fuzzy happyView full post »

Logan at last

Logan Logan is an adorable little boy who we spent some quality time with last Saturday. Suddenly, I felt like I had stepped back into theView full post »

Winter lights

Marion St. Bridge I love the Riverfront after dark and it has been too long since I have been down there to do any photography. Karen andView full post »

Sunset beach

Crystal It just doesn’t get any better than this. We don’t think anything about driving out to the beach an hour before sunsetView full post »

Sunsets are a crap shoot

Danny Bleu The weather was about 10° warmer out at the coast today, it was flippin’ cold in the valley. The forecast promised clearsView full post »