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Wisdom and love

Zippy    On a really good day, this look inspires me, rewards me, brings me love. On a not so good day, this is the look that promises allView full post »

Emma weimar

Emma Emma weimar, you were a dog that was loved beyond belief. The trips we took to the beach are some of my favorite memories. You willView full post »

Shades of red

Timber    I frequently turn to our own dogs for a source of creative inspiration. Timber, our borzoi, has always been one of the mostView full post »

A portrait of Indy

Portrait of Indy    When I met Indy at the Marion County Dog Shelter last Saturday doing the adoption photos, there was just somethingView full post »

A Penny for your thoughts

Penny Penny has actually graced my lens a couple of times. She is a very sweet soul with an absolutely gorgeous corgi body. Her smile isView full post »

Cat’s eye

Jax—After Many moons ago, I lived for the darkroom. I bought rolls and rolls and rolls of black and white film and every chance I go, IView full post »

My double header

Flocko Our dogs are my everything. My companions, my friends, my inspiration. Over the last year and a half, we have had some tragicView full post »