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Longing for a walk on the beach

Autzen, Holly, Joe and Emma walking along the surf at Pacific City    It’s heating up in the valley this week, oh how I wish I wereView full post »

Dear cancer, I hate you

Emma    Seriously, you are not welcome in our family and this time, you crossed the line. You are going after my daughter’s dog,View full post »

The Boo Bash winners

Ray and Max Last fall at the Willamette Humane Society annual Boo Bash, I offered a “Weekend at the Beach” package. It includedView full post »

What do you get?

Holly and Emma    When you bring a girl and her dog to the beach? Autzen and Joe and a lab and his tennis ball to the beach? Emma andView full post »


Timber    Somedays, Timber is our soul source of entertainment. I love his expressions. He always gets horribly car sick and yet, just toView full post »

Beach bound hounds

Crystal and Pete    I grew up in the Rocky Mountain region, specifically Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Lots of cold, lots of snow and noView full post »

The zoi boy, My Model T, at sunset

Timber    Yesterday after the Howl-a-palooza, I looked to the west and then I checked the forecast. I knew in an instant it was time for aView full post »

Oh Oregon, I heart you

Sunset over the Oregon CoastView full post »

My model T at the beach

Timber The weather has been amazingly beautiful lately. If my memory serves me, it has been really uncharacteristic as compare to otherView full post »

Sunset promises can be broken

Minnie The promise of a good sunset was there… all week long. We loaded Minnie into the car and headed to the beach in greatView full post »

Racing to the week-end

Taz and Toovie Day 238, 2012 It’s a race to the week-end around here. This is Toovie and Taz from last Sunday in Pacific City.View full post »