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Tales of love and devotion

Caleb and Sadie These two have been together since 2001. Sadie was a puppy and Caleb was a year and half older than her. From the veryView full post »

Metal as in heavy

Metal   This little sweetheart was so scared. If he could have crawled to the bottom of his momma’s purse, he would have. His name isView full post »

Kaos, or not

Kaos One of the sweetest girls ever. I’m so glad her babysitters brought her into Canine Utopia.View full post »

Here’s Rosco

Rosco   I love a dog full of love and life and energy. That fits Rosco to a tee. He came in extra love to share and he was so good when itView full post »

The rottie bros

Kobe and Ralphy This beautiful pair boys stopped in Canine Utopia for their moment beneath the lights. These boys were so sweet andView full post »