Celebration Pet Photography Session

Our pets are never with us long enough. Even when they make it to a ripe old age, it’s still not enough time.

I honor a pet’s journey through life with an end-of-life Celebration session. This is the session for the pets that are getting up there in age or have been diagnosed with an illness.

Celebration Pet Photography: Each Session Includes

  • A 30 minute phone consultation explaining the process, the products and the pricing
  • Priority scheduling for an appointment
  • A 60–90 minute photo session to capture perfect images of your pet
  • A gallery of 35–45 beautifully edited images of your pet to choose from
  • A viewing session to pick the images and products for your home

Celebration Pet Photography Session: Pricing and Products

  • A celebration pet photography session starts at $100.
  • Prints and products are separate and start at $100.
  • Pricing is negotiable based on your unique needs and the needs of your pet.

Celebration Pet Photography Session: Types of Photos

These are the photos that always become the most treasured. These are photos that take place where ever you to go. Celebrate your pet in their favorite location, plan to be in at least a few photos with your pet.

Don’t wait, call me as soon as you can. We want to capture your pet feeling like they still want to go anywhere with you. We want to capture you with your pet.

Celebration Pet Photography Session: Who Is This Perfect For?

These sessions are for pets that are nearing the end of their lives. If they have reached the golden ages and it’s time to capture their snowy faces or if they have been diagnosed with an illness. 

Celebration Pet Photography Session: Who Is This Not Ideal For?

I’ve had clients hesitate because they didn’t want to remember their pet as sick. I think it’s worth taking a chance at getting a few beautiful photos.  

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