In Studio Pet Photography Session

My little rustic studio is located in NE Salem, Oregon.

I have designed the indoor for more formal portraits and the outdoor acre of gardens with pets in mind.

The acre is surrounded by six-foot fencing and all of the gardens are planted with pet-safe plants.

In Studio Pet Photography: Each Session Includes

  • A 30 minute phone consultation explaining the process, the products and the pricing
  • A 60–90 minute photo session to capture perfect images of your pet
  • A gallery of 35–45 beautifully edited images of your pet to choose from
  • A viewing session to pick the images and products for your home

In Studio Pet Photography Session: Pricing and Products

  • An at home pet photography session starts at $125.
  • Prints and products are separate and start at $100.
  • Pricing is negotiable based on your unique needs and the needs of your pet.

In Studio Pet Photography Session: Types of Photos

The studio session includes time in the indoor studio for the more formal portraits with a backdrop and studio lighting. The images are designed to have an “old masters portrait” feel. Pets have an opportunity to nestle down in one of my comfy antique settees or just pose on a platform.

The second part of the session is a romp through our safely fenced acre of gardens designed for a year around experience. First order of business for every pet is to take the leash off and have a few minutes to check out the area. 

  • Are you looking for action photos of your pet chasing a ball? We have the room. 
  • Would you like your pets surrounded by flowers? The gardens have three seasons of flowers.
  • Do you just want your pet surrounded by green? Our bamboo forest is beautiful and green year around complete with a bridge for your pet to pose on.

In Studio Pet Photography Session: Who Is This Perfect For?

The little rustic studio is perfect for any pet. It’s safe for all pets.

In Studio Pet Photography Session: Who Is This Not Ideal For?

Some animals do not do well leaving the comforts of their home or even have a hard time traveling in the car.

If that is the case, you may want to consider an at home pet photography session.

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