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Meet Kari, Hey Cute Bird Rescue

How one little bird is responsible for helping other birds.

Did you know that January is “Adopt a Rescued Bird Month”

It just so happens, we have a bird rescue here in Salem. Check out Hey Cute Bird on Facebook. I visited Kari in her home this week to meet her charming and delightful birds.

Hey Cute Bird!

How did you get involved rescuing birds?

“We decided to rescue birds because not only are they in just as much need as other animals, but they require a specialized type of care that requires extra effort and education. Birds are commonly neglected due to their complex needs. There was no resource in Salem to help these guys out.”

Quaker parrots, little birds with big personalities

Which bird prompted you to start a bird rescue?

“Our first Rescue was our bird Pickle! He is a green Quaker with quite the vocabulary, he was found in the woods in southern Oregon and had clearly been lost or let go. We fostered and eventually adopted him. He is namesake for our rescue. He will say “hey cute bird” over and over again, so the name just felt like it was meant to be!”

Yes little bird, that’s your good side

Tell us a little bit about your rescue

Hey Cute Bird Rescue is a small family rescue. My husband and I are the sole proprietors and work with people in our community. This year we hope to be a resource and outlet for people needing to re-home birds safely. We plan to post, share and help screen applicants before the owners see the applications. It’s more work, but I truly believe it helps the owners, the birds, and it’s safer.”

A day in the life

“Everyday we wake up the household, feed fresh veggie breakfasts (usually better than what I eat) and make sure everyone gets social interaction time, training time, and flight time. Cleaning is a whole different story!”

Here’s looking at you

What types of birds do you rescue?

“As for types of birds we rescue it’s pretty much all parrot species, as well as doves, pigeons, and small birds like canaries, finches. We have had tiny finches, all the way to a large blue and gold macaw come through our doors.”

Kari’s new tattoo

Tell us about your best experience

“One of my best rescue experiences over all was our big macaw guy Titan. He kind of just dropped into our laps one day and he was quite a character. He was naked from his legs to his chest and needed a lot of socializing and care.

Our community was hugely supportive of Titan and since we were not prepared for such a big guy we received big toys, big snacks and someone even helped us find a large cage. I love working with everyone in our bird community to support the birds.

I am so happy I could be the person who helped guide Titan along to his new home. He now lives in Idaho as an only child and very spoiled!”

Learn more about Kari and her birds

Hey Cute Bird is an awesome resource for new bird owners, experienced bird owners or even if you just have a question.

Kari is currently running a fundraiser for her rescue. Here’s the link to that. Hey Cute Bird Birthday Fundraiser.

Check back for the second part of our visit with Hey Cute Bird Rescue.”

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