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My Model T, nine years later

Red borzoi
Our big red dawg in the studio

Timber, My Model T

I have always loved photographing this boy. He has incredibly expressive eyes that always tell a story.

Timber and his brother Zipper turned 10 in October and officially joined the double-digit gang. For senior, large breed dogs they are doing remarkably well. Maybe a little stiffness here and there, but really pretty good.

Last Tuesday, Jan. 12 Karen had just dropped him off at the groomers when he had a grand mal seizure. There wasn’t anything remarkable in his blood work and we’ll repeat in a month. He’s had seven good days so we’re hoping it was just a weird one-off thing, somehow related to the car ride because he gets so stinking car sick.

The new studio is awesome

This felt like one more perfect opportunity to play in our newly remodeled Rustic Studio.

The bare cedar wall makes such beautiful and unique backdrop.

Red borzoi in bamboo forest
Timber on the trail

Winter in the garden

Winter really is an awesome time for outdoor pet photography. There is just something about the light that makes it special.

After a quick few photos in the studio, we headed out to the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest is such a peaceful place to just hang. And I must admit, he looks pretty spectacular out there.

I pulled just a couple of his first photos as my Model T. Enjoy!

In the beginning

Borzoi at sunset
Timber at Sunset. circa 2012

Timber started out as my Model T very early on after his arrival. He was so sick and so skinny, but still a most beautiful dog to me.

Reflection of a red borzoi
Reflections of Timber. circa 2012

Going out to the beach at sunset was always my very favorite time to photograph Timber. He is a handsome specimen.

Red borzoi with sunset behind
The regal Timber in a beach sunset. circa 2013

And my very favorite photo of the big red dawg. I’m so glad I have been diligent about taking photos all these years. I never really realized how snowy his face got.

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