On Location Pet Photography Session

Are you and your pet natural adventurers? Do you take road trips together, hike through the woods or love to stroll along the beach?

I’m betting that you and your pet have a favorite place you love to go and just hang out.

If any of the above statements are true, then this is the session for you.

On Location Pet Photography: Each Session Includes

  • A 30 minute phone consultation explaining the process, the products and the pricing
  • A 60–90 minute photo session to capture perfect images of your pet
  • A gallery of 35–45 beautifully edited images of your pet to choose from
  • A viewing session to pick the images and products for your home

On Location Pet Photography Session: Pricing and Products

  • An on location pet photography session starts at $175.
  • Prints and products are separate and start at $100.
  • Pricing is negotiable based on your unique needs and the needs of your pet.

On Location Pet Photography Session: Types of Photos

This is your chance to capture your pet in the wild. Imagine photos of them running on the beach or resting near a peaceful waterfall. Do you have a favorite park that you frequent? What better way to celebrate the time the two of you spend together than photos of your favorite place. Running, hiking, kicking back. I’m ready for an adventure with you.

On Location Pet Photography Session: Who Is This Perfect For?

This type of session is for everyone.

A quick note about safety. If your pet cannot be off leash, never fear, keep them on a leash and I will take the leash out as I’m editing the photos.

On Location Pet Photography Session: Who Is This Not Ideal For?

Some pets just don’t do well in a strange environment. I don’t like to stress pets out if we don’t have to. 

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