We specialize in pets and their people. We treasure every minute with them.


Terri Jacobson Photography

As a young girl, I always remember my mom saying “people that have pets are more compassionate”. As an adult, I find myself gravitating to pet people. By design, I’m shy, but when the conversation turns to pets I’m all ears and ready to join in. I like surrounding myself with people that believe their pets are an important member of the family.

I’ve belonged to many dogs and cats all of my life. Each one was as important as the next. In 2002 I adopted my first greyhound and became inspired by their graceful beauty. I was overwhelmed by a passion to capture their soul and elegance through the lens of the camera.

It didn’t happen over night, it has taken years of training and equipment and an unending desire to re-create the spirit and joy that pets bring into our lives.

Photos for adoptable pets

It has always been an honor and a privilege for me to be able to take photos of pets available for adoption. Dogs, cats, birds, goats, horses. I am always thrilled to volunteer my time and talent when I get a call to photograph a pet available for adoption.

A few of my favorite things

Our family, the dogs, the goats and the chickens… our only pets with benefits.

I love spending time in the garden… every season has it's own magic.

Spring brings all the shades of new green and the bright yellows of the daffodil, pinks of the tulips and the royal purple from the pansies.

Summer when the colors start to mature and deepen, the perenial flowers take over the gardens and the butterflies and hummingbirds spend their days dancing from one plant to the next.

Fall brings us a harvest that delights our taste buds and the deep rich colors are in abundance.

Winter is clean and pale in comparison, but the wild birds flock to the feeders to entertain us with their antics.


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