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Hi! I'm Terri.

Buddy was our 14 year old greyhound and was diagnosed with a serious illness. I loved him so much and I knew the one thing that I would treasure forever would be a beautiful portrait of him hanging on my walls.


I learned about photography in a dark room developing my own film over 30 years ago. I have been photographing animals for almost two decades. I've had my pet photography business for nearly 10 years.


I have photographed many shy and terrified dogs and cats that wouldn't come near me. I am patient and calm and work with their fear to create beautiful portraits of them.


I have photographed dogs in beautiful locations that always need to be on a leash… I am a master at removing leashes in my post-process workflow.


Taking great portraits of dogs and cats is what I do best. Creating beautiful art for your home is my passion.



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Unique worthy


Award winning photographer

The pet portrait that brings happiness to the family is truly the only award that matters. And yes, a little bling from a judge is also nice.


Distinct studio settings and backdrops

Every session starts in The Rustic Studio. We have purposefully landscaped our acre to bring magic, whimsy and even a bit of nostalgia to your photos favorite photos of your pet.


10 years as a pet photographer

Tens years of pet photography have flown by and I love every second I spend photographing animals. However, my time in front of the lens dates back to the dark room with black and white film.


Experience with barnyard critters

I will always love dogs and cats, but barnyard critters always charm the socks off of me. Chickens were definitely the gateway to photographing the less than traditional pet, but goats, sheep, horses, and cows are always welcome in front of my lens.

Pet photography

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Studio Location

My little rustic studio is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Nestled in NE Salem each session begins in the studio with lighting and ends with a romp in our pet-friendly acre of gardens.





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